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ГлавнаяСтатьиTerms and conditions for copying materials
Terms and conditions for copying materials
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December 5, 2014
Terms and conditions for copying materials

Conditions for copying materials from the AstroTarot site


1. About us 

The AstroTarot website content is fully compliant with the requirements of Federal Law of the United States, in particular, the Copyright Act of 1976.


The AstroTarot website contains

1.1. Derivative works that are translations from a foreign language or reworkings of another author's work made by the site administration and staff.

1.2. Composite works, which represent a selection or arrangement of the material which is the result of the creative work of the site's administration and employees.

1.3. Authorship of articles and original materials by the site's administration and staff.

1.4. Articles and materials of other authors with a direct link to the original source.

If the material was posted on the pages of the site, the information on the use of which by another individual or legal entity was not available to us, the copyright holder should contact the administration of the site astrotarotlife@gmail.com to resolve this issue. All claims will be considered as soon as possible.

1.5 Works of folk art (folklore) that do not have specific authors and therefore are not subject to copyright.

All materials - copyright, composite and derivative published on the site marked ©AstroTarot.org - according to "the Copyright Act" are the intellectual property of www.astrotarot.org


2. About Citation, We allow the citation of our materials under the following conditions:

2.1. The volume of quoting must not exceed 30% of the total text of the article (material). Herewith is the author of the material (if he is specified) and a link to the source - www.astrotarot.org. The link must be direct, without a redirect.

2.2. It is allowed to quote in full if it is about personal results of fortune-telling, predictions for a day or a week. The link to the source must be indicated - www.astrotarot.org. The link must be direct, without a redirect.


Example of direct link:


3. About republishing

We are categorically against the unauthorized publication of our materials on the Internet and print media if they are not accompanied by a link or hyperlink (for Internet resources) to the site. If you wish to use our materials - contact the administration of the site astrotarotlife@gmail.com, stating the essence of your proposal in maximum detail and contact information for an answer. We reserve the right to forbid the publication on any site without explaining the reasons.


4. If our rights are violated

In case of violation of the above requirements, the administration of www.astrotarot.org will take the following actions

4.1 You will receive an email with a demand to eliminate the violation within 3 days from the moment of sending the letter. If for any reason the letter doesn't reach you, the administration of the site www.astrotarot.org doesn't bear any responsibility for this.

4.2 In case the violation is not eliminated, the administration of the site will send an e-mail claim to the hosting provider, whose services you use, demanding to disconnect your website to eliminate the violation. We will also send a written request to the relevant services of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. with a demand to remove or block the offending site.

4.3. If the violation is not corrected, disputes will be resolved under the applicable laws of the USA.

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