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Add comments policy
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April 22, 2014
Add comments policy


1. Obscene language (foul language) is strictly forbidden in comments on www.astrotarot.org

2. Convincing request not to use transliteration. Respect other readers, use www.translit.net to type.


Non-compliance with these rules - will be followed by removal of the comment and a warning from the moderator. In case of recidivism - ban.



1. Aggression, threats, and insults against the administration or authors of materials are punishable by an immediate ban from a week to life.

2. Aggression, threats, and insults against other readers are punishable by a warning and removal of the comment thread. In case of repeat offenses, it's punished by a week-long ban to life-long imprisonment.

3. Insults against individual citizens or groups of citizens united by some characteristics are punishable by a warning and removal of the comment, in the case of repeat offending, a ban from one week to life.

4. Calls for violence against groups of citizens united by some characteristics are punished by a lifetime ban.

5. If your behavior, in the opinion of the moderators, will unnecessarily increase the nervousness of the conversation, you will be given a warning. Verbal altercations with a moderator are fraught with a ban.


It is strictly forbidden!

1. Approving acts of terrorism, or other crimes and activities that resulted in human casualties.

2. Links to extremist materials (or such materials themselves), as well as for instructions for making weapons.

3. Links to pornographic resources, links to materials (or the materials themselves) that promote drugs, suicide, and pedophilia

4. Spam/advertising/requests to donate money for treatment.


Failure to comply with these rules will result in deletion of the comment thread and a lifetime ban with no warning!

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