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Реклама на сайте
April 14, 2014
Реклама на сайте

Advertising on the site 

For placement questions, please contact astrotarotlife@gmail.com

We will find an individual solution to your advertising problem.


Cost, format, and location


On the homepage


On the internal page



Technical requirements for advertising materials

1. Banners of appropriate size are accepted for placement (see table above)

2. The weight of the banner should not exceed
    60Kb for #1 and #4 (970x90px)
    40Kb for #2 and #3 (200x350px)

3. Banner format (JPEG, PNG, GIF). For animation is not acceptable to use sharply moving graphic elements, frequently flashing background, abrupt changes of frames, etc.

4. Banners, whose background color coincides with the background of the site, should have a frame of 1px thick to separate the banner content from the content of the site

5. Set of materials must contain a hyperlink (URL of the advertised site)

6. Duration of the animation - no more than 30 seconds

7. Article "On the rights of advertising" - the number of characters is not limited. Picture: size no more than 400x200px. Weight up to 80Kb. It is possible to place 1 additional image (total weight of images not more than 150Kb). All foreign text must be translated. JPEG or PNG format only. Animation (GIF) is not allowed.



- Use of author names and fake authors in the text;

- The presence of a lead (highlighted introductory part of the article);

- Articles in the form of an interview, highlighting the questions and answers.


The terms of placement

1. Terms of delivery of advertising materials ready for placement: 2 working days before the start of the advertising campaign.

2. Advertising placement is done only on the basis of 100% prepayment.

3. Placing may be suspended if advertising materials of the client do not comply with legislation, or site requirements, and cause incorrect operation of the whole site or its individual elements. Resumption of placement is possible after making corrections by the client. Compensation from AstroTarot, in this case, is not made.

4. Advertising material must necessarily contain a clearly readable mention of the advertised product or company.

5. Only completely finished materials are accepted for placement. Editorial corrections may be made to text advertisements that do not change their content.

6. No materials can be placed: prohibited for placement according to the current legislation; containing unmotivated unrestrained appeals and exclamations; having an irritating visual range; not corresponding to the content and level of design of advertising on a quality Internet resource; having errors, including those containing words and names typed without reason in capital letters; causing explicit or implicit associations with the involvement of "AstroTarot" to the content of materials (except for partner projects); overlapping the main content.