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О проекте
April 13, 2014
О проекте

About us

The AstroTarot project is dedicated to the most interesting and popular prediction systems, such as astrology, numerology, fortune-telling on Tarot and classic cards, runes, fortune-telling by the book of changes I Ching (Yi King), and much more. At AstroTarot you can find online divination on the Tarot cards and regular, classical cards on a variety of topics, and get answers to the most pressing questions. Our project contains many sections of online divination, dedicated to the most important areas of life, such as love, relationships, health, family, children, future, fate, travel, travel, work, business, career, real estate, loss, loss, spoilage, evil eye and other sections dedicated to important issues. And horoscopes and astrological and numerological predictions made by a team of experienced and professional astrologers and numerologists will help you get more information about yourself, your family, and friends or acquaintances. A horoscope by the Sun sign of the Zodiac will help determine a person's character, abilities, talents, and inclinations. In the sections on astrology and numerology, you can find out the astrological and numerological forecast for today, tomorrow, month, and year for any zodiac sign, as well as learn about your destiny with a free personal karmic horoscope.

If you follow the rhythms of the Moon, AstroTaro always has the most detailed Lunar Calendar available to you. Our Lunar Calendar contains a lot of interesting and useful information about the influence of the Moon, its phases, and positions in the signs of the Zodiac. We have tried to describe each Lunar day in a most interesting and accessible way, to give our visitors an opportunity to plan beforehand the starting of new businesses and important decisions. The Moon's calendar for haircuts, weddings, health, conception and business will help you find the most favorable day for these activities, and the Moon's gardening calendar will help you find the most favorable periods to care for your plants. Also, you can receive a lot of interesting and useful information about magic, magical rituals, and incantations to attract good luck, money, love, health, and prosperity, to get rid of negative magic influences, evil eyes and spoilage.


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