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Privacy Policy
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January 15, 2014
Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of this website operated by the website administration (the "Administration"). When processing data, the Site Administration respects the privacy rights of website visitors and recognizes the importance of protecting their personal data.


Cookie Policy

Visitors are not required to submit their personal data to the Administration in order to use this website. At the same time, when you visit some sections and services of this website, you must fill in your personal information in order to receive the full service. We also send to our servers certain information from each visitor's web browser, including the date and time of access, name of the file requested, referring web page, browser and operating system used, IP address of the device, and size of the data transferred. This information is stored in connection logs for a limited time in order to ensure the security and proper operation of the website, as well as to collect statistical information.

User messages sent by email or another communication channel may be retained by the Administration to process the request. Most email messages are deleted after the response to them. If the Administration has a legal obligation to disclose information received from users as part of a judicial or administrative process, the Administration will take all necessary measures to remove personal data from the disclosed information, if possible.


What are cookies?

Our site does not automatically collect any information other than the information contained in cookies. A cookie is a small piece of service text that is sent from the website you are viewing to the website visitor's browser. When the visitor visits pages of the same site again, the user's browser sends back the previously stored information. Thus, it is thanks to cookies that websites are able to remember your actions as well as your preferences (language, font size, etc.), so there is no need to set them again when you visit the website repeatedly, or when you move between pages of the website.

Cookies can be used to:

1. To customize the content of the web pages of the Site according to user preferences, and to recognize the visitor;
2. Creating statistics that help us understand exactly how visitors use the Website;
3. Maintaining the Site visitor's session (after logging in) so that visitors don't have to re-enter their login and password on each page;

Some operations on the pages of the Site can not be performed without the use of cookies, which are technically necessary for the operation of the Site. When you visit the Site, you may also receive cookies from sites other than the one you visit (so-called "third-party cookies"). There are also different types of cookies that may be stored on your computer for varying periods of time, depending on their characteristics and functions.

In many cases, browsers allow cookies by default. Users of the Site may change cookie settings at any time.


What cookies do we use?

Our Site uses our own cookies, which are sent to your computer and processed by us solely for the purpose of improving the Site, as well as third-party files that are used as a tool to analyze user interaction with the Company's Site. These files enable us to collect information that helps us provide better service to our users and visitors to the Site.

Our site uses session and persistent cookies. Session cookies store data only while the user is on the site, while persistent cookies store data to be accessed and used for more than one session.

Our Site uses:

- Analytics cookies that allow the Company to determine the nature of user interactions with the Site, tracking incoming and outgoing traffic to and from the Site;
- Functional cookies that are used to activate certain features of the Site and customize it based on user preferences to ensure optimal performance.
- Profiling cookies are used to monitor user preferences when visiting the Site and to send advertising messages along with information about those preferences.

The Company also uses various web analytics tools for the purpose of obtaining data and analyzing that data in order to improve the quality of services provided. The following analytical tools and related cookies may be used on the Site: Google Analytics

The Site also uses third-party cookies - i.e. cookies from other websites or web servers. These third parties will act either as independent operators of the personal data portion of their cookies (using the data they collect for their own purposes on terms they determine) or as data processors for the Company. For more information about the nature of these third parties use of your information, please refer to their respective data privacy policies:

- Google Privacy Policy
- Twitter Privacy Policy
- Facebook Data Use Policy


Disabling and configuring cookies

Note: Disabling cookies for portal pages may make some features unavailable.

Users can withdraw their consent to data processing carried out in accordance with the Policy at any time. To do this, it is necessary to delete the cookies stored on their computer using the settings of the Internet browser used.
Depending on the browser used, the user can allow or disallow the storage of cookies for individual sites or in general, view their content or delete them. The procedure may vary between browsers, below you can find links to instructions for the most common browsers:


The cookie policy is subject to change, so we recommend that you check this Policy (updated November 24, 2018) each time you visit the Site for updates in order to be properly, and properly informed of how we use cookies.

For questions about the provisions of this privacy policy, please contact AstroTarot Site Administration

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