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Лунный календарь на June 17, 2022
June 17, 2022
Луна сегодня, описание лунного дня.
The Third Phase of the Moon (Waning Moon)
18 лунный день | весь день
Луна в знаке Водолей | весь день
18 лунный день

The symbols of this day are the mirror, the ice.

On the 18th lunar day, one can see its positive and negative sides, as this lunar day is a reflection of human nature. The events of today, in one way or another, reflect your worldview and indicate the mistakes that need to be worked out. On the 18th day, there is a decrease in activity, and physical or emotional weakness may occur. To this day, it is not recommended to follow someone else’s example, adapt, or take other people’s thoughts for their own. On the 18th day of the moon, there is a growing danger of being caught up in illusions, and deception from other people. This day can be a test of «durability», so today it is very important to follow your thoughts and actions. The 18th day of the waning moon requires discretion, discretion, discretion.

Новые дела

New businesses later turn out to be unsuccessful.


Not a favorable day for a business person.


It is better to postpone financial matters.


Real estate transactions are not going well.

Судебные дела

May have an unexpected outcome.


Unfavorable for exams.


Can be engaged in creative affairs.


Not good for communication.


Figuring out relationships will lead to more confusion.


Good day for a traveler.


Not bad for a change of scenery.


You can rest, but in moderation. Can become apathetic.

Физ. нагрузки

Good for exercise.


Illnesses of this day are dangerous, take a long time to heal, and may become chronic. Kidneys are vulnerable. Relaxing baths, baths, and a sauna are recommended.


A vegetarian diet is recommended. It is possible to arrange a discharge day.


Not a good day for getting married.


Not recommended.


A child conceived on this day may have health problems. He may reach a good financial position and will have a good family.


Hardworking, talented people are born. Such a person is capable of noble deeds, he is loved and respected. He achieves a good financial position and high status. The main thing for such a person is not to become proud.


Dreams of today show the state of health.


Hair cutting can lead to serious deterioration of health.


Plant care may be best postponed.

The Third Phase of the Moon (Waning Moon)
The period of use of the accumulated energy; is time for decisive action.

3rd Phase of the Moon (16-22 Lunar Day) - Waning Moon

On the days of the full moon (from the 15th to the 17th Lunar Day) there is a tendency for excessive emotionality and impulsiveness. The energy accumulated in the first two phases of the Moon requires an exit, so it is very important to direct it in the right direction during this period. If a person does not lead an active lifestyle, then on the days of the full moon, he may have insomnia, a feeling of fear or anxiety, depression, or irritability - all of this is a manifestation of excess energy. During the full moon, excessive impulsivity lowers vigilance, so accidents and catastrophes caused by the human factor often occur these days. On a full moon, many people find it difficult to objectively assess the situation, there are problems with concentration. The Moon in this period has the greatest impact on people who are emotionally unstable, prone to mental illness, are addicted to alcohol or drugs. In the period of the full moon should refuse to consume alcohol even a healthy person, as the negative impact of alcohol on the body during this period increases and can lead to unpleasant consequences.

On full moon days there is often a sharp change of weather conditions, increasing the probability of natural disasters.  There is an increase in air humidity and atmospheric pressure, which can exacerbate chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Proper nutrition during the full moon is of particular importance; one should try to avoid eating heavy, spicy, greasy, and salty foods. Even a small amount of salt during this period retains fluid in the body, and moderate salty food leads to noticeable edema. (Interesting fact: on a full moon, a person’s weight is almost always 1-1.5 kg more than on other days with the same diet). The topic of edema is not accidentally touched - it is the retention of fluid in the body that leads to depression and nervousness during the full moon. The fact is that the quality of food and liquid we consume is too low, and the excess of dirty water in the body during the full moon, very often leads to impaired functioning of the internal organs, resulting in a person’s discomfort. The most common problems these days occur in digestive disorders, poisoning, and headaches as a sign of intoxication of the body. On a full moon, you need to be more careful than on other days, to control the quality and quantity of food consumed, and if possible, you can observe a milky-vegetable diet or starve.  The third phase of the lunar cycle is well suited to cleanse the organism.

On the waning Moon, we need to complete the business that we started earlier, and the new business is better carried over to the Moon’s growing period. The period is favorable for getting rid of anything unnecessary, interfering with a healthy and happy way of life. On the waning moon, you can get rid of old, unnecessary things, carry out general cleaning, and get rid of harmful habits and unwanted, unnecessary connections.

Луна в знаке Водолей

When the Moon is in the air element of Aquarius, such qualities as eccentricity, emotional excitability, and impulsiveness appear. At this time, usually, new ideas appear, interest in everything new and unusual increases, and there is a desire to change the way of life, thoughts, and image. Human behavior during this period may be unpredictable, but at the same time, inventiveness and resourcefulness in solving everyday problems are emerging.  Good period for working with technology, a good time for scientists, programmers, reformers, astrologers.


Lunar calendar of haircuts
Moon in Aquarius - time to experiment! During this period, unusual, non-standard haircuts are good. However, if you care about the health of your hair as much as you care about their appearance, it is better to move the haircut to another day - the Moon in Aquarius can change your appearance for better or worse. If you like to take risks and are ready to change your image - act boldly and decisively, but if you are a man hesitant and shy, a visit to the barbershop is better delayed.


Work, business, career
The moon in Aquarius tends to eccentric, risky actions, so a businessman is not recommended at this time to make important decisions, sign important documents, to conclude large transactions. During the passage of the Moon in the sign of Aquarius it is possible to engage in public activities; a good period for conferences, symposiums, meetings, and for joining various communities. The moon in Aquarius is favorable for work in the field of the latest technologies, programming, and inventions, all new and unusual. It is not appropriate to seek help or support from the authorities, or superiors during this period. You should be careful when working with office equipment. The moon in Aquarius promotes various associations, alliances, and parties.


Excessive impulse in this period can provoke the acquisition of unnecessary things, so, going shopping, it is better to leave most of the money at home. An exception is the purchase of machinery, and electrical goods. Do not take credit at this time - the terms of the credit conditions may suddenly change. In general, it is better to postpone large investments until a more favorable period.


Love, family
The violent display of emotions during the Moon in Aquarius can lead to conflicts in relation to lovers, but if this time is spent in the noisy company, with a circle of friends you can avoid unpleasant situations in communication with the loved one. The moon in Aquarius manifests itself in the desire for independence, so any attempt at freedom in a relationship during this period is undesirable. The moon in Aquarius is favorable for joint attendance of social events, and holidays. A secluded romantic date is better to reschedule.


It is not recommended to perform surgical operations on the veins, eyes, and legs. Especially vulnerable in this period become legs. The moon in Aquarius is unfavorable for arthritis and nervous diseases. Do not remove teeth. Any surgical operations during this period can have unpredictable consequences; non-emergency surgery is better tolerated.

It is good to carry out wellness procedures at this time, especially for the cardiovascular system. Physical activity should be moderate.

Care should be taken when working with electrical appliances, and transport management.

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