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Лунный календарь на May 18, 2022
May 18, 2022
Луна сегодня, описание лунного дня.
The Third Phase of the Moon (Waning Moon)
18 лунный день | весь день
Луна в знаке Стрелец | c 12:02:00(MSK) Луна в знаке Козерог
18 лунный день

The symbols of this day are the mirror, the ice.

On the 18th lunar day, one can see its positive and negative sides, as this lunar day is a reflection of human nature. The events of today, in one way or another, reflect your worldview and indicate the mistakes that need to be worked out. On the 18th day, there is a decrease in activity, and physical or emotional weakness may occur. To this day, it is not recommended to follow someone else’s example, adapt, or take other people’s thoughts for their own. On the 18th day of the moon, there is a growing danger of being caught up in illusions, and deception from other people. This day can be a test of «durability», so today it is very important to follow your thoughts and actions. The 18th day of the waning moon requires discretion, discretion, discretion.

Новые дела

Новые дела впоследствии оказываются неудачными


Не благоприятный день для делового человека


Решение финансовых вопросов лучше отложить


Операции с недвижимостью проходят неудачно

Судебные дела

Могут иметь неожиданный исход


Неблагоприятен для сдачи экзаменов


Можно заниматься творческими делами


Не подходит для общения


Выяснение отношений приведет к еще большей путанице


Хороший день для путешественника


Неплох для смены обстановки


Можно отдыхать, но в меру. Может появится апатия

Физ. нагрузки

Хорошо подходит для физических упражнений


Болезни этого дня опасны, долго не излечиваются, могут перейти в хроническую форму. Уязвимы почки. Рекомендуются расслабляющие ванны, баня, сауна


Рекомендуется вегетарианская диета. Можно устроить разгрузочный день


Неудачный день для бракосочетания


Не рекомендуется


У ребенка, зачатого в этот день, могут быть проблемы со здоровьем. Он может достичь хорошего финансового положения, будет иметь хорошую семью


Рождаются трудолюбивые, талантливые люди. Такой человек способен на благородные поступки, его любят и уважают. Он добивается хорошего материально положения, высокого статуса. Главное для такого человека – не возгордиться


Сны сегодняшнего дня показывают состояние здоровья


Стрижка может повлечь серьезное ухудшение здоровья


Уход за растениями лучше отложить

The Third Phase of the Moon (Waning Moon)
The period of use of the accumulated energy; is time for decisive action.

3rd Phase of the Moon (16-22 Lunar Day) - Waning Moon

On the days of the full moon (from the 15th to the 17th Lunar Day) there is a tendency for excessive emotionality and impulsiveness. The energy accumulated in the first two phases of the Moon requires an exit, so it is very important to direct it in the right direction during this period. If a person does not lead an active lifestyle, then on the days of the full moon, he may have insomnia, a feeling of fear or anxiety, depression, or irritability - all of this is a manifestation of excess energy. During the full moon, excessive impulsivity lowers vigilance, so accidents and catastrophes caused by the human factor often occur these days. On a full moon, many people find it difficult to objectively assess the situation, there are problems with concentration. The Moon in this period has the greatest impact on people who are emotionally unstable, prone to mental illness, are addicted to alcohol or drugs. In the period of the full moon should refuse to consume alcohol even a healthy person, as the negative impact of alcohol on the body during this period increases and can lead to unpleasant consequences.

On full moon days there is often a sharp change of weather conditions, increasing the probability of natural disasters.  There is an increase in air humidity and atmospheric pressure, which can exacerbate chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Proper nutrition during the full moon is of particular importance; one should try to avoid eating heavy, spicy, greasy, and salty foods. Even a small amount of salt during this period retains fluid in the body, and moderate salty food leads to noticeable edema. (Interesting fact: on a full moon, a person’s weight is almost always 1-1.5 kg more than on other days with the same diet). The topic of edema is not accidentally touched - it is the retention of fluid in the body that leads to depression and nervousness during the full moon. The fact is that the quality of food and liquid we consume is too low, and the excess of dirty water in the body during the full moon, very often leads to impaired functioning of the internal organs, resulting in a person’s discomfort. The most common problems these days occur in digestive disorders, poisoning, and headaches as a sign of intoxication of the body. On a full moon, you need to be more careful than on other days, to control the quality and quantity of food consumed, and if possible, you can observe a milky-vegetable diet or starve.  The third phase of the lunar cycle is well suited to cleanse the organism.

On the waning Moon, we need to complete the business that we started earlier, and the new business is better carried over to the Moon’s growing period. The period is favorable for getting rid of anything unnecessary, interfering with a healthy and happy way of life. On the waning moon, you can get rid of old, unnecessary things, carry out general cleaning, and get rid of harmful habits and unwanted, unnecessary connections.

Луна в знаке Стрелец

When the Moon is in the fiery element of the Sagittarius, optimism, generosity, and generosity appear, the desire to travel, the desire to gain new knowledge. At this time the interest in religion, self-knowledge, and spiritual development increases. The moon in Sagittarius is favorable for the beginning of important things. During the Moon period, Sagittarius is very good at dealing with foreign partners, studying other cultures, teaching, and teaching, and legal issues.


Lunar calendar of haircuts
The moon in Sagittarius is a good time to cut hair, dye hair, perm. Moon haircut in Sagittarius will give your hair extra volume, hair will become lush, and beautiful. However, if you want to accelerate hair growth - the moon in Sagittarius is not suitable for a haircut. Haircutting at this time slows the growth of the hair but makes them healthier, and shiny.


Work, business, career
During this period it is possible to deal with any important issues: to conclude transactions, to sign important documents, to conduct negotiations. The moon in Sagittarius is suitable for interviews and employment. It’s a good time to appeal to your superiors and higher authorities. Especially good at this time deal with foreign firms, foreign business partners, long business trips. The moon in Sagittarius favors the resolution of legal issues, court proceedings, and the processing of documents. You can use this period to start a refresher course and to gain additional knowledge in professional activity. Good time for conferences, and pieces of training. Favorable period for a politician, religious and public figure.


The moon in Sagittarius promotes successful large-scale investment. Monetary issues in this period are solved without problems; especially during favorable times for credit processing (if it coincides with Moon Day). You can demand repayment of debts. The moon in Sagittarius is favorable for large purchases.


Love, family
It’s a good time to have romantic dates, really, if the spiritual connection of lovers comes to the fore in a relationship, not physical. The moon in Sagittarius gives lovers an interesting, varied communication. Very suitable time for a romantic trip, joint relaxation, visiting excursions.  Communication at the Moon in Sagittarius may seem boring only for lovers, accustomed to a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle.

The Luna in Sagittarius manifests itself in a wide variety of family relationships - it can be a shared vacation, a desire for change, a visit to public places, or a lively discussion of global political and religious issues in the family. Usually, during this period, there is no disagreement in family relations.


The moon in Sagittarius makes the blood and nervous system, the pelvic region, vulnerable. It is not recommended to perform surgery on the liver, thigh, thighbone, or sciatic nerve during this period. It is necessary to save the liver during the passage of the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius - to limit the amount of fatty food, to abandon alcohol, smoking. With caution, take medication. The moon in Sagittarius is favorable for the recovery of the respiratory system, and the treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases.

Луна в знаке Козерог

When the Moon is in the earthly element of Capricorn, such qualities as an organization, responsibility, reliability, caution, conservatism, and self-control are manifested. The Moon in Capricorn is favorable for things that require great concentration, diligence, and self-discipline. At this time, you can start long-term projects, and start any work that requires perseverance and perseverance.


Lunar calendar of haircuts
The moon in Capricorn is only favorable for shearing in the first and second phases of the lunar cycle. A haircut on the waning moon in Capricorn will significantly slow the growth of your hair, and make it dull and lifeless, which can lead to its loss. The moon in Capricorn is not suitable for chemical perms and for experiments with haircuts - at this time strict, conservative haircuts are good. 

The moon in Capricorn is well suited for hair strengthening procedures.


Work, business, career
Good time to start long-term projects. Business negotiations, interviews, and appeals to the authorities are better delayed, as the stiff expression of emotions during the passage of the Moon on the mark of Capricorn usually does not give the desired result from communication. The moon in Capricorn generally contributes to secluded work. It is extremely unfortunate during this period to conclude transactions that require the rapid completion of work, as in the process of such tasks often there are obstacles, delays, troubles that complicate the work and delay its execution on time.

The moon in Capricorn is favorable for an accountant, economist, programmer, organizer, developer, or antique dealer.


The Moon in Capricorn does not encourage impulsive purchases, during which time it is common to purchase only essential goods. Good for the purchase of real estate, land, and antiques. Unfavorable period for the purchase of vehicles. You can use the moon’s influence in Capricorn to get a long-term loan. At this time, do not lend money - the return of money will have to wait a long time. It is not recommended to invest in projects that should bring quick income.


Love, family
The influence of the Moon in Capricorn on the relationship between lovers is often expressed in emotional tightness, coldness of feelings, and restraint. This time is not conducive to romantic dates and acquaintances. Unsuccessful times for attending social events, parties - they can be quite boring and do not bring the expected relaxation. The moon in Capricorn does not promote emotional and physical relaxation at all.

In family life, the Moon in Capricorn manifests itself in a quiet home environment, although during this period there is a desire for privacy, and everyone in the house is engaged in his business. Do not plan celebrations and visits at this time. The festive atmosphere will be spoiled by excessive caution and restraint, which will lead to depression and oppression.


The moon in Capricorn is not favorable for visiting a dentist, or surgical interventions on tendons, or joints.

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