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Дева — гороскоп на месяц
24 августа - 23 сентября
Дева — гороскоп на месяц
January 6, 2022 - June 30, 2022

This time is characterized by a desire to change the existing order and a somewhat unrealistic view of things: what is desired can be taken for real. Events at this time can take an unpredictable turn and get out of control, so you should be clearly aware of your desires and not follow the anarchist movement of thought, testing theory in practice. This is the time when ideas do not find support from others and come into conflict with generally accepted views.


Horoscope for June 2022 for all signs of the Zodiac

From June 3 Mercury in Taurus, from June 23 Venus in Gemini.

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Love, family

This month brings various surprises - from many conflicts to betrayals and breakups. Negative reformist tendencies in personal life, significant changes in family life, extraordinary events are possible. Empty friendship, denial of help from old friends, lack of benefit from communication with the outside world. Marriage should be postponed, conception is undesirable.

Money, work

A tendency to be impractical and unrealistic in ideas and approach to problem-solving. Unexpected events in many areas of life weaken the possibility of commercial, financial success. An unfavorable role is played by excessive arrogance, unhealthy optimism, lack of common sense and inexperience, underestimation of previous adverse events. Also, disorganization and poor discipline. Tendency to make hasty decisions.


An examination this month will not give an objective picture, and treatment, especially with the help of modern means and methods, will not give the desired result. Surgery is undesirable. The negativism of this period should not be overestimated, but the possibility of exacerbations should be taken seriously.


Elena Tsivka © AstroTarot.org

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