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Телец — гороскоп на месяц
21 апреля - 20 мая
Телец — гороскоп на месяц
January 6, 2022 - June 30, 2022

June is a time for collecting feelings and developing one's own style, conducive to creative creation and artistic skills (handicrafts, knitting, embroidery, etc.), as well as construction, design and housework. This is accompanied by the desire to create a material base and securely provide for the rear. It is possible to establish long-term business and creative relationships, renew old friendships and marriages of convenience. This period often brings cash receipts.


Horoscope for June 2022 for all signs of the Zodiac

From June 3 Mercury in Taurus, from June 23 Venus in Gemini.

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Love, family

The tendency to calmness and observance of moral principles will have a beneficial effect on your personal and family relationships. A good period for concluding long-term alliances, especially with older people: for explanations, engagement, marriage, and also for family celebrations. The motto of this period is moderation and a sense of duty. Favorable solution of property and economic issues in the house. This time is also good for strengthening relationships, developing them into long-term and lasting ones, for making mutual obligations.

Money, work

Subject to the application of sufficient significant efforts on your part, financial success, good luck in social activities, and successful tying of new business contacts are possible. Often formalism in work and communication. A good period to seek financial support as well as cooperation. Business partnerships are being activated, ties are being strengthened. Favorable conditions for solving property and economic problems of your company.


It is possible to develop into a chronic form of colds, as well as an increase in the symptoms of certain chronic diseases, especially the thyroid and thymus glands. Treatment begun at this time can be lengthy and difficult. This period is favorable for a long-term (not one-time) adjustment of appearance, a course of cosmetic procedures.


Elena Tsivka © AstroTarot.org

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