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Козерог — гороскоп на месяц
22 декабря - 20 января
Козерог — гороскоп на месяц
January 6, 2022 - June 30, 2022

This is a time to return to old ideas and strive for their updated implementation, devoid of the mistakes of the past. Decisive actions during this period reveal your true intentions and show your future roles: the meaning of what is happening may be revealed later. The events of this period pave the way for a new one and make sense of exploring the possibilities of a further path.


Horoscope for June 2022 for all signs of the Zodiac

From June 3 Mercury in Taurus, from June 23 Venus in Gemini.

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Love, family

Crisis period for marriage and love relationships. Absolutely not the right time to get married. It is also characteristic of a difficult emotional state, depression along with agitation, anxiety, mental anguish. Unpleasant events taking place at this time are unexpected and fleeting in nature, but can be the beginning of significant changes in personal life. Problems with friends or because of them. It is likely that many friendships will be broken.

Money, work

Inconstancy of ideas, fanatical adherence to a certain position. The period is unfavorable for unions and associations - commercial and public, for a politician, administrator, scientist, big businessman. Identification of unexpected and unpleasant facts and circumstances. Inconstancy in friendship, unreliability of friends, distrust of you or on your part. Legal problems, difficulties with joint capital are likely.


Mental anxiety, negative emotional background. Special care should be taken when using electricity, electrical appliances and computer equipment.


Elena Tsivka © AstroTarot.org

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