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Divination "Parting"
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Divination "Parting"

Online divination Tarot "Parting" is a layout consisting of eight cards, with which you will find answers to all the exciting questions regarding difficulties in relationships with your loved one. The name of the divination "Parting" speaks for itself; in this scenario, a situation that happens in the life of every couple will be affected. When people cannot find a common language, sooner or later, they think that the time has come to let each other go and then everyone to go their own way. But not everything is so simple, especially if the feelings, as before, are strong. This fortune-telling will help you decide whether to part with your loved one. The first fortune-telling card is a card that characterizes you in this situation. The second is a card that characterizes your partner. With the help of the third card, you will find out what the situation in the relationship looks like at the moment. By choosing the fourth card, you will find out what you really want. The fifth card will show what speaks in favor of parting, and the sixth - what speaks in favor of maintaining the relationship. The seventh card will give you advice on how to act in this situation, and the eighth card will give you the expected result of your actions or a prediction of the future of your union.

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admin May 20, 2022 08:58
The Chariot The long-awaited period of favorable changes in your personal life has come. You will achieve what you want thanks to confidence in your goal, your strengths and control over emotions and experiences. You are already on the way to the goal, the love disappointments of loss are in the past. If you have not yet met your love, a new acquaintance awaits you, if you are not alone, you will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at relat
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