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Divination "Celtic Cross"
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Divination "Celtic Cross"

Online fortune-telling on the Tarot "Celtic Cross" is universal fortune-telling for love and relationships, with which you can get answers to the most exciting questions regarding the personal sphere. This layout consists of ten cards: the first fortune-telling card is a general description of the situation, and the second is what hinders (hinders) you at the moment. The third card of the spread is the best outcome of the situation that you can count on. The fourth card of the online divination on the Celtic Cross Tarot is the past, regarding an exciting situation, the fifth card is what is and is already fading into the past, and the sixth is what will happen in the near future. By choosing the seventh card of this layout, you will see yourself in the context of the situation. The eighth card will show what is the influence from the outside. By choosing the ninth card, you will see your hopes and fears. And the final, tenth card will show how the whole thing will actually end. The Celtic Cross Tarot layout is one of the most convenient fortune-telling for the situation that has developed in a relationship with a loved one when you are worried about the future and do not know what steps to take to find happiness in your personal life. 

Good luck guessing!

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admin May 19, 2022 23:09
Wheel of Fortune inverted The inverted Tarot card "Wheel of Fortune" means unexpected unpleasant changes in relations with a loved one. Circumstances are not subject to your actions, tricky misunderstandings may arise, due to which you will lose mutual trust and respect. You need to survive these changes with dignity and not fall into despair. Everything that is happening has a deeper meaning than you can imagine right now. You will realize this
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