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Fortune telling "Pyramid of Lovers"
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Fortune telling "Pyramid of Lovers"

Online fortune-telling on the Tarot "Pyramid of Lovers" is a universal Tarot layout for love and relationships, with which you can get answers to the most exciting questions. In addition, this alignment is very simple; it can be used when there is no time for a deep study of fortune-telling interpretations, when you want to quickly get clear and accurate answers. Fortune telling Tarot "Pyramid of Lovers" consists of only four cards. The first card that fell out in the layout is your characteristic in a relationship, your line of conduct in communicating with a loved one. The second card is a characteristic of your partner within your relationship. Please note that the first and second cards characterize you and your partner only within the framework of existing relationships, in other aspects of life you can be completely different. The third fortune-telling card characterizes your relationship at the moment. In this position, you can see what experience can be drawn from these relationships, how the lesson needs to be learned. And the final, fourth fortune-telling card will show the future of your relationship in the near future (guess the date in advance).

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admin May 19, 2022 22:54
Queen of Cups Memories and dreams play a big role in your relationship. Your union is based on tender affection for each other, sincere feelings, understanding and sympathy. The person you love has deep feelings for you. You can get help or good advice from a wise, kind woman. The "Queen of Cups" card symbolizes a caring, calm woman with good intuition. Tip: trust your intuition. Dreams and various signs can show you the right path.
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