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ГлавнаяГадания на картах тароLove and RelationshipFortune telling "What will your partner decide?"
Fortune telling "What will your partner decide?"
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Fortune telling "What will your partner decide?"

Online divination by Tarot "What will the partner decide?" helps to get answers to many questions regarding relationships with a loved one, especially when relationships for some reason have come to a standstill. Fortune telling "What will the partner decide?" consists of six cards; The first card you choose from the deck will show what your loved one thinks your relationship looks like. The second card will show why he or she does not want to continue the relationship in the same format as before. Pay special attention to the card that fell in this position; if a curly card fell out (Page, Knight, King, Queen), this indicates the presence of an opponent or rival. The third layout card will show whether your partner would agree to continue the relationship if both you and he (she) changed their attitude towards each other, their behavior, etc., in general, with the desire of both to change relations for the better. The fourth card is a continuation of the answer of the previous card and answers the question of what can be done to improve relations if the previous card gave an affirmative answer and how it is easier to survive a breakup if the answer is negative. The fifth fortune-telling card is the partner’s reaction to your attempt to discuss relationship prospects, and the sixth is the real prospects for your relationship for the coming year. Fortune telling on the Tarot “What the partner will decide” is very simple; to do this, you need to mentally focus on your situation and choose six cards from a deck. You can use the Tarot deck selection menu to delve deeper into the images of the arcana and get simple and understandable interpretations of your alignment. 

Good luck guessing!

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admin May 19, 2022 22:44
Two of Wands Your loved one does not feel for you the feelings that you expect from him. Behind the seeming sincerity lies coldness and indifference. Most likely, the person you cherish has a "fallback" to which he is ready to return even with minor difficulties in relations with you. There may be a situation in your personal life when you need to make the right choice. Tip: You need to slow down a bit and see how things develop. Before making a
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