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Fortune telling "Exciting meeting"
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Fortune telling "Exciting meeting"

Online divination on the Tarot "Exciting meeting" is a seven-card layout with which you can get answers to questions about how the long-awaited date will go. The first card of the layout will show how the meeting itself will go. The second is what emotions it will evoke in you. By choosing the third card, you will find out what you should be afraid of during a date, and the fourth - is what you should not be afraid of. The fifth fortune-telling card will show what will be unexpected for you, and what you should prepare for so that your partner does not take you by surprise. The sixth card of the Exciting Meeting Tarot layout is a card that will tell you which line of behavior to choose on this date, and how to behave. And the final, seventh card is the result of the meeting or how this meeting will affect your future life. You can guess this question both on a full Tarot deck, consisting of 78 arcana, and only on the major arcana. Choose the deck that you like and get comprehensive answers-predictions about the upcoming date.

Good luck guessing!

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admin May 18, 2022 10:17
The High Priestess The Tarot card "The High Priestess" symbolizes a wonderful relationship in which the spiritual closeness of lovers is of the greatest importance. Such an alliance is based on mutual trust, care, understanding and love in the broadest sense of the word. You and your partner are connected by something more than just feelings. This is a karmic connection. The "High Priestess" symbolizes a person with good intuition, psychological
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