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Divination "Profession"
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Divination "Profession"

Divination on the Scandinavian runes "Profession" will help those who find it difficult to make a choice where to go to study, and which direction to choose in order to achieve success in their chosen profession. This online divination consists of five runes. The first rune will show whether you will feel comfortable in your chosen profession. With the help of the second rune, you will find out what qualities you have to master this profession. The third rune will show what obstacles you need to overcome in order to succeed in your chosen profession. The fourth rune is what attracts you to your chosen profession, and the fifth rune is the direction you need to take in order for this profession to become yours (here you can see what new skills you need to acquire)

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admin July 5, 2022 11:27
Nauthiz Key concept: humility as a necessity. The need to accept the situation as it is. Humility, limitation, concentration. You are persevering in your attempts to turn away from your intended path. Nauthiz rune energy brings you back to situations that make you uncomfortable and force you to do things that you don’t want to do. But I don’t think you’ve wondered what it’s for. Nauthiz significantly narrows the range of your capabilities, forcin
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