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Divination "Nine Runes"
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Divination "Nine Runes"

Online divination "Nine Runes" is universal. If you find yourself in a difficult life situation and want to understand the reasons for what is happening, this fortune-telling can help you. The first and second runes that you choose during the divination process describe events and actions in the distant past that led to what is happening now. The third rune is the basis of action in the present moment. With the help of the fourth and fifth runes, you will find out what your actions will bring you closer to your goal in the near future. The sixth rune is your immediate future, which will have a significant impact on your destiny. By choosing the seventh and eighth runes, you will see the probable distant future, which will become the basis for the outcome of an exciting situation. And the last, the ninth rune, will show what you can achieve in the end.

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admin July 5, 2022 11:09
Hagalaz Key concept: “hail”. Destruction that is perceived as catastrophic, and only when realized, as new possibilities. The energy of Hagalaz rune acts without your consent, much less without your intervention. Do not try to control the situation; if Hagalaz now warns you of the changes that are coming, it will come into your life like a natural disaster. This rune cannot be ignored; it must be respected and thanked for being given the opportun
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