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Rune Divination "Celtic Cross"
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Rune Divination "Celtic Cross"

Divination on the Scandinavian runes "Celtic Cross" consists of seven runes. The first rune shows the present state of things or what is happening now. The second rune is the past or the cause of what is happening. The third rune shows your future and the new situation. With the fourth rune, you will know what you need to pay attention to. The fifth rune will show the cause of the difficulties. Choosing the sixth rune will tell you what to expect in the future. The seventh rune is the result of the forecast. This divination on runes is considered universal; it can be applied in any life situation. On runes, you can guess about love, relationships, health, financial issues, and much more.

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admin July 5, 2022 10:47
Jera Key concept: harvest. Accomplishment of goals, reward for efforts, a successful conclusion. It is time to take stock. The next cycle of your life’s journey is nearing completion, and it is time to collect the fruits of your efforts. You have worked hard, so the "harvest" will be worthy, luck favors you. The motto of Jera rune is "What you sow is what you reap", so don’t wait for more than you really deserve. This just rune never appears on t
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