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Rune Divination – Wheel
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Rune Divination – Wheel

Divination on the Scandinavian runes "Wheel" consists of thirteen runes. The first rune of this online divination is a characteristic of a person, the second rune is his financial situation. The third rune characterizes his marital status, the fourth - his house. With the help of the fifth rune, you will learn how a person expresses himself. The sixth rune will show what kind of health a person has. What happens to a person in a love sphere, you will find out by choosing the seventh rune. The eighth rune of online divination will show the inheritance of a person, and the ninth - his education. The eleventh rune will show how a person communicates with others, and the twelfth rune will tell about the inner world of a person, reveal his secrets. The thirteenth rune is the result of divination.

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admin April 27, 2022 08:22
Algiz Key concept: an elk, an animal revered in the traditions of the northern peoples. Safety, security, opportunity. Algiz - a powerful protective rune that brings favorable changes, new opportunities. You are under the protection of the Higher Forces, which, moreover, will not absolve you of responsibility for your actions. It is very important to understand Algiz rune correctly; one should not hope that everything will resolve itself, success
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