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Divination on the Scandinavian runes "Cross"
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Divination on the Scandinavian runes "Cross"

Online divination on the Scandinavian runes "Cross" consists of five runes. The first rune is your past and the root cause of the current situation. The second rune is what is happening now. The third rune is your future or the outcome of the situation. With the fourth rune you will learn what helps in this situation. The fifth rune will show you the obstacles you have to overcome. The divination on the Scandinavian runes is one of the most accurate ways to predict the future. This divination can be used to get answers to a variety of questions; relationships, work, finances, contentious situations, and more.

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admin April 25, 2022 22:38
Wunjo Key concept: light, joy. Happiness, well-being, prosperity; a successful conclusion to the task at hand. Get ready to collect the fruits of your labor, they are ripe! - says Wunjo. If you happen to choose this rune during a period of despair or oppression, know that the difficult period has come to an end. You don’t have to get involved, you don’t have to make an effort to get closer. Events are progressing favorably, you just need to watch
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