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Rune Norn fortune-telling
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Rune Norn fortune-telling

Divination on Scandinavian runes "Runes Norn". This is a simple divination that consists of three runes. With the help of this divination, you can understand the causes of the situation, get advice on further actions, as well as get a forecast of developments in the future. The first rune will show what caused the situation. The second rune will show you the direction of your actions and give you advice on what you need to make a choice. With the third rune you will know what you will get as a result of your actions.

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admin April 25, 2022 11:39
Gebo Key concept: gift, unity of opposites; rune partnership in a broad sense of the word. Unification, mutual understanding, success. You’ll get what you want, and more. Prepare to accept the Gift of Heaven, but remember that your success depends on how well you use this Gift. Gebo rune is the Gift of Partnership, the essence of which is mutual respect, mutual assistance and freedom. The word Freedom may seem superfluous here, as we are accustom
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