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Rune of the Day
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Rune of the Day

Online divination «Rune of the day» is a very simple and convenient way to learn what awaits you today, tomorrow or any day you wish. To get a prediction you just need to intuitively choose a rune. The peculiarity of any divination on runes is that the prediction always comes true; the fact that runes have a special magical power, they are the wisdom of ancient peoples, our ancestors, with whom we communicate every time we deal with runes. Given the strength of runes, one should treat them with the utmost respect; one should not use runes for entertainment, joke with them or think negatively or speak out about them. By ignoring this simple rule, a man dealing with runes can cause great trouble. At the same time, if a person with respect and understanding applies runes in divination, the Higher Powers necessarily give him the answers to all the questions of concern. Divination on the Scandinavian runes «Rune of the Day» can be used every day, and it is possible only in specific, especially important cases - somehow, runes can become for you a good assistant and advisers in making important decisions.

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admin April 25, 2022 11:39
era Key concept: harvest. Accomplishment of goals, reward for efforts, a successful conclusion. It is time to take stock. The next cycle of your life’s journey is nearing completion, and it is time to collect the fruits of your efforts. You have worked hard, so the "harvest" will be worthy, luck favors you. The motto of Jera rune is "What you sow is what you reap", so don’t wait for more than you really deserve. This just rune never appears on th
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