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Fortune-telling on runes, Destiny
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Fortune-telling on runes, Destiny

Fortune-telling on Scandinavian runes "Destiny" consists of six runes. This divination will help you to determine the causes of the situation, influence from the past, as well as the future development of the situation of interest. The first rune denotes the past or the cause of the situation. The second rune describes you and your personality at the moment. The third rune is the future or what you get as a result. The fourth rune shows what the current situation is based on. The fifth rune will show you what you need to do. And the sixth rune is the likely outcome of your actions.

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admin April 25, 2022 11:40
Ansuz Key concept: God, word power, consciousness, mind. Wise advice, important communication, training, negotiation, inspiration. Ansuz rune is the energy of divine inspiration that helps us find answers to very complex questions. The insight comes from the most unexpected sources, whether it is the words of a casual passer-by, writing in an old notebook or advice from a good friend - the main thing to feel and catch the deep meaning of simple w
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