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Гадания на Рунах

The runes, in translation from the ancient Germanic "RUN" - mystery. The name of this predictive system speaks for itself, and indeed, the ancient Germans, Slavs, and Turks used runic writing in many magical rituals. For example, to win in battle, the warriors of the time put on the tip of their tools certain runes and RuneScripts (the totality of several runes, combined to magical help in a given situation). The origin of the Runes can only speculate since most scientists-researchers of rune writings hold different versions of its origin. According to Norse mythology, the runes were revealed to Odin when he pierced himself with a spear, and for nine days and nine nights he hung onto the World Tree without food or water. Afterward, he quenched his thirst with shaman honey from his grandfather Beltorn and heard the Runes, afterward inscribing them with his spear on the Tree with his own blood. The runes are endowed with magical properties attributed to them by many ancient peoples, and to this day the runes are used by soothsayers, mediums, and psychics, as an important tool in predicting the future, as a bridge linking the material world with the world beyond. The runic alphabet is called Futhark. The Futhark has 24 symbols - the Runes. Each Runa has its own meaning and magical power. Runes are used both for predicting the future and for magical rituals; making amulets, talismans, amulets, and much more.

There is no doubt that the runes have some magical power, because to this day they are widely used to attract good luck, prosperity, to protect against trouble, to protect property, and even to cure various diseases. However, the Runes are quite a complicated tool in the hands of a beginner. Working with the Runes can not ever be willing - to learn the secrets and magical power, runes writing requires a certain ability and desire to help those in need. To penetrate the mysteries of the Runic Futhark may be those who seek spiritual development and improvement, understanding the laws of the universe.

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